News Flash: Muslim services at Beth Israel.

Yesterday, Friday November 27, Beth Israel became a house of worship for the local Muslim community. These links provide more details:

News Flash: Beth Israel expresses Community solidarity.

As you perhaps already know, the Peterborough Masjid Al-Salaam Mosque was deliberately set ablaze on November 14. In many ways the Peterborough community at large has stepped up to express concern and solidarity with the Moslim community. One way Beth Israel has responded is to open up the Jewish Community Centre to the Moslim community to conduct their religious services while restoration of the Mosque occurs. Also, Beth Israel as a part of the local Abraham Festival group has been involved with sponsoring a Syrian family. Here are some links to recent news articles from this past week that describe more Beth Israel’s efforts:

Thanks to all who have expressed these gestures of faith and solidarity!


The Jewish Community Centre of Peterborough welcomes you to its virtual home!  We hope our website will give you good reason to visit our real home of mortar and bricks and to enjoy our friendly hospitality.

On Saturday October 25, 2014 we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the opening of the our “Beth Israel Synagogue”.  Five decades of history were celebrated with wonder and admiration.

For the past few years we have opened wide our doors to numerous Not for Profit organizations, and Charities in the region for use of our space. We especially make our rates very affordable to the Not for Profit Sector, and enjoy a great relationship to those groups who exhibit unique contributions to working with those persons of any age, with “Special Needs” in the region.

We as well make our facilities available to numerous other organizations for use, such as fundraising events, film nights, staff and parent training workshops, music/dance rehearsals, even recital competitions and other community groups involved in the Arts and music scene.

In regards to the Beth Israel Congregation, we are an egalitarian (modern-reformed) motivated by a spectrum of community interests and spiritual aspirations, and pride ourselves on realizing not only meaningful Jewish experiences, but those of other denominations and cultures.

If you or your group would like to tour or receive more information on the possible use of our modern and clean facilities, please do not hesitate to contact our General Manager “Joe Teichman” via email at,  contact@jccpeterborough.com

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