Monthly Children’s Program Begins

Watch out for upcoming meeting dates for the Kids’ Crew.  Get together with other young Jewish families who have kids for a little learning, a little singing and a lot of fun. Future gatherings will take place one Saturday a month from 2-4 pm at the synagogue.   Specific times and day events of the Kids’ Crew can be found at this link.

This monthly get-together will be a chance for children and families to share space, learn about Jewish culture and holidays, sing songs, and also learn a bit of Hebrew. All are welcome to contribute ideas and teaching at future gatherings.

All Jewish children and their caregivers are welcome. The program is geared to all children under bar/t mitzvah age. 

Please contact Ziysah or Corinne at if you have questions or ideas or would like to help out in some way.

The success of this initiative depends on you.  We saw clearly at the Chanukah celebrations that once again (and for the first time in many years), we have in the Peterborough area a good number of young Jewish children or children with Jewish family connections.  What a great way to get together with families like yours, for adults to meet and for kids to get to know each other and participate together in fun learning activities.  Mark you calendar and be there with your kids – grandparents welcome.  Support this very worthwhile initiative.


Mini Cheder at Beth Israel

A couple of parents have asked about teaching basic Hebrew. Alvin Gallay has kindly offered to do this with classes in basic Hebrew starting after the holidays. This is not conversational Hebrew. The goal is to teach the order of the service, and to read the siddur. Details have not been finalized, but here is what we know so far:

Where:   Beth Israel Synagogue, likely Sundays up to 90 min per session
How Long: Likely no more than 90 min, depends also on ages of those interested
Cost: Modest if any, but to be finalized by board decision and based on response (Alvin is volunteering his time)

Books: Alvin is checking and what to use – he will recommend accordingly
Age Limits: Depends on who replies, but probably need to be at least grade 2 to Bar/Bat Mitzvah age

Please note that Alvin will be teaching an Ashkenazi (eastern European) pronunciation for the most part, but he will add some Sephardic pronunciation (modern Israeli) as requested.  

Exactly how this works will be determined in consultation with the parents. What we do ask now is that if parents are interested in having their kids participate, they let us know without delay and that they make a firm commitment to seeing the classes through for at least one semester so that all the students can progress together. As all of us who have been to Hebrew school in one form or another know, this is not the biggest hit with the kids, but the skills we gained have stood us in good stead for the rest of our lives so parents, take the initiative and lead the way and Alvin will make the experience challenging and fun.

Are you interested?
Please reply as soon as possible to with:
Your name:
Your child/children’s name(s):
Your child/children’s age(s):
Hebrew Study Site


Holocaust Education.

The year 2020 is the 75th anniversary of the liberation from the Holocaust.  Links for a few of the main events to commemorate this anniversary are below:


 Melodies of Hebrew songs as recorded by our Cantor Leon Litvack

Title and Song File



Hebrew Teacher and Tutor Available!

Who: Hebrew and Jewish Studies Teacher, Harlen Wall

What: Beginner’s Hebrew, Level One and Two

Where: Harlen’s Home Office or location of your choice

When: Day and Evening times available but call now

before schedule fills up

Why: Hebrew is the language of the Torah and the language of Israel

How: Call to arrange an assessment or book tutorial sessions today Harlen can be reached at 705-977-6771 or


Hebrew Study Site

If you are interested in learning or improving your Hebrew, here is a great resource for you:Free Hebrew Word-a-Day Email List     

When you sign up you will get a Hebrew word sent to you every day which can be very helpful for learning new words. Best of all, it’s free.


My Hebrew Dictionary


UIA Federations (RJCO) Presents The Virtual Cheder.  On-line interactive learning at your own pace.

For more information watch this video:

and register here:


Media Training and Media Awareness for Small Jewish Communities

Dear Friends,
     There is a terrific opportunity for a quality training program for members of your community interested in advocacy and community relations.  The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs is pleased to offer these two media-related workshops (please see the attached descriptions for more detail) to communities throughout Canada.
     You can learn more about these training sessions by watching this video from Jordan Kerbel, Deputy Director, Communications and Advocacy Training.
     The two sessions are:
1.      Media Training session for people that may be called upon to speak to the press. The course is designed to help train your spokespeople to be effective media communicators. The training provides them with the skills necessary to craft and communicate their key messages at every opportunity.
2.      Media Awareness program geared toward the community at large.  The workshop is designed to give people a sense of the inner workings of the media, how stories make it to print/air, how our community members can help shape those stories, and by extension, become better community advocates.
    These sessions are available without charge to your community as one of the valued services provided by the Centre. A minimum of 3-5 participants from each community are required for each session.  If you are interested please let me know as soon as possible, including approximately how many people from your community may participate.
    I hope that your community is interested in benefiting from these training programs.
Daniel Stern
Director, Campaign and Regional Community Services
Are you interested in this program.  For more information, or if you are interested, please an email to
with your name and how many people you would be coming with.  The executive will collect the names in order to assemble a group of 3-5 people and then coordinate with Dan Stern and the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs to arrange details and dates.