Peterborough Anti-Rally Against White ‘Nationalist’ Rally

On Wednesday Sept. 27th, the Peterborough Jewish community among other community groups and organizations gathered to express serious concern about a planned white ‘nationalist’ rally to take place in Peterborough this Saturday, on Yom Kippur.  A weekend of anti-rally events are being planned.  Cantor Leon Litvack spoke on behalf of the Peterborough Jewish community.  The Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre for Holocaust Studies has expressed adamant concerns that the rally on Saturday is being organized by neo-Nazis.

Details of these happenings and our concerns can be found in a Peterborough Examiner article published Wednesday.  The article can be found at this link.  A further update since the events on Wednesday can be found in this Peterborough Examiner article published today, Friday.

Peterborough Community

Learning Arabic at Beth Israel

Recently CHEX TV visited the Synagogue to find out about how the Peterborough Community can learn Arabic.   One of the local Syrian newcomers is offering free classes!  The CHEX TV report can be found at this link.

Peterborough Multi-Faith Community

in the News in Light of the

Québec City Masjid Tragedy

A recent Globe and Mail article revisits and talks about how the Peterborough Community has responded to acts of Islamophobia in Peterborough with much solidarity, friendship and acts of kindness.  Here is the link to the article.

Beth Israel is hosting a fundraising event on February 8th, 7:30 p.m.   See the Events page for more details.


Abraham Festival Sponsored Family

in the News

Have a look and read of the recent Peterborough Examiner’s article entitled:  Peterborough refugees read Messages of Hope on the Wall of Hope at the New Canadians Centre.

A one year anniversary Celebration and Dance took place on December 17 at Beth Israel for Fadya and the Falah family.  This event was sponsored by the Abraham Festival Group.

Holocaust Remembrance

with Max Eisen

This past Thursday, Nov. 24, Max Eisen, a survivor of the Auschwitz death camp provided a poignant account of his horrific experiences to a standing room only audience in Beth Israel’s sanctuary.   His recent book entitled “By Chance Alone” details further those experiences.  The book has received critical acclaim.   Max Eisen is a passionate and tireless speaker for the Simon Wiesenthal Centre for Holocaust Studies.

The Holocaust Remembrance Event at Beth Israel had Professor Carolyn Kay who teaches Holocaust studies at Trent University introduce Max Eisen.    Joe Teichman, the General Manager of the JCC Peterborough recounted his family’s losses and journeys of survival.  Dr . Dan Houpt provided musical  reflections with his song entitled “Children on the Beach” and Leonard Cohen’s “Halelujah”.   Larry Gillman, President of Beth Israel gave Max Eisen gifts of remembrance and thanks from Beth Israel for his stay in Peterborough.  More can be learned about Max Eisen and his experiences, and the Beth Israel Holocaust Remembrance Event in these articles:

Thanks to Cantor Leon Litvack

It has been said a number of times in the last two weeks, but it bears repeating here that the community is gratefully indebted to Cantor Leon Litvack for the work he does as our spiritual leader, not only during the High Holy Days, but so effectively from across the seas as our go-to person, helping the community deal with difficult spiritual issues.  His annual visits just go by so quickly.  And, I am sure that many of you can share my memory of High Holy Day services in other congregations which just seemed to grind on forever and be quite detached from the congregation.  Here in Peterborough, Leon has made the services pass easily, enjoyably and with meaning.

We wish him and his family a healthy, full and fulfilling coming year and look forward to his visit(s???) in 2017.

While Cantor Litvack was in Peterborough, he was interviewed by various media outlets.  These interviews play a valuable role for our community in helping to demystify Judaism to the non-Jewish majority here in Peterborough by explaining what we are doing and why.  You can listen to these broadcasts at the following links:

On October 5, Leon gave an interview to host Will of the Trent Radio program Shining Waters.  You can hear their interesting discussion by connecting to this website:

He was also interviewed by CHEX TV on their afternoon show CHEX Daily on October 11 just before Yom Kippur.  This was not Leon’s first appearance on Yom Kippur and as you can see, his ease with the medium and his connection with the hosts is obvious.  You can watch the segment by playing the video at this website:

and the interview segment with Leon takes place starting at roughly 14 min 40, ending at 19 min.


News Flash: Article.

There was a very nice article about the Peterborough Jewish community on the news website written by their reporter, Lance Anderson that was published recently.  If you missed it, here is a link to the article: MyKawartha Story on Peterborough Jewish Community.


News Flash: N’Able Bagel Back in the News.

Here are a recent article and video describing the great things happening at N’Able Bagel, Beth Israel’s own booming bagel baking business.


News Flash: Reflections on Community Support since November 16, 2015.

A recent CBC Tapestry program reflects on the events and support offered the Peterborough Muslim Community following the burning of their mosque. Here is an article An attack backfires: how a mosque bombing brought Peterborough together.  And here is the accompanying audio version with Host Mary Hynes.

News Flash: Canter Litvack’s Story in the CJN.

Have you ever wondered why Canter Litvack has made his way from Belfast, Northern Ireland across the big pond to Beth Israel in Peterborough each High Holy Days for the past 6 years?  Have you ever wondered what the Charles Dickens Letter Project is or at least now wish to know more?   Then read on:  “Backstory:  One Foot in Belfast, the Other in Peterborough” .  The article is found in the Canadian Jewish News.


News Flash: Corey Teichman returns home from Israel.

Corey’s experience of a lifetime in Israel was pretty special !!  Have a look at Birthright Israel: Canada Israel Experience – Friends With Special Needs.  


News Flash: Beth Israel Synagogue President As Game Changer.

On April 27th, the Kawartha SPEAKS community health care fundraiser is happening.  Larry Gillman, the President of Beth Israel is one of the “Game Changers” to speak at the fundraiser and offer insights about how positive change can occur.   See article here.


News Flash: A Special Journey to Israel: Corey Teichman.

Corey is soon on his way for an experience of a life time:  to visit Israel! Joe Teichman is Beth Israel’s General Manager as you probably already know. The Peterborough Weekend Examiner has published a wonderful article about Corey and his upcoming journey. See article here.


News Flash:
Muslim Services at Beth Israel

On Friday November 27, Beth Israel became a house of worship for the local Muslim community. This gesture of friendship by the Synagogue towards our Muslim neighbours has received much attention. Here are links with more details:

News Flash: Beth Israel expresses Community solidarity.

As you perhaps already know, the Peterborough Masjid Al-Salaam Mosque was deliberately set ablaze on November 14. In many ways the Peterborough community at large has stepped up to express concern and solidarity with the Moslim community. One way Beth Israel has responded is to open up the Jewish Community Centre to the Moslim community to conduct their religious services while restoration of the Mosque occurs. Also, Beth Israel as a part of the local Abraham Festival group has been involved with sponsoring a Syrian family. Here are some links to recent news articles from this past week that describe more Beth Israel’s efforts:

Thanks to all who have expressed these gestures of faith and solidarity!

News Flash: N’Able Bagel.

Peterborough is quickly becoming known as the bagel making capital west of Montreal thanks to efforts at the JCC Peterborough. Have a look and read of these items: