Beth Israel Board shares Resolution

At our December meeting, the BIC Board grappled with resolutions that could express our shock and horror at recent events. We focused on two central ideals. First, it was important for us to express our deep sadness at and condemnation of a day that saw the greatest loss of Jewish life since the Holocaust. And we also realized that there is a wide range of belief and opinion on the larger situation in the Middle East. As the only Synagogue in an area where many Jews feel isolated, we have a special responsibility to respect the diversity of our membership. We must remain a place that all Jews in our area can call a spiritual home. With these two ideals in mind, we crafted and approved the following resolutions:

  • Beth Israel stands with our fellow Jews in Israel and the diaspora, along with people throughout the world, in condemning Hamas’s slaughter and kidnapping of innocent people on October 7,2023. We mourn the ongoing loss of innocent lives.
  • Beth Israel is a spiritual and cultural home to a diverse community of Jews who hold dear an array of political beliefs, lived experiences, and identities. We affirm our commitment to embracing all of our members and celebrating our diversity as Jews.

We recognize that no statement can adequately address depth of emotion and perspectives around this complex situation. Our efforts to understand one another must be ongoing.